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Church camping trip Friday – Sunday (10/12 – 10/14)

The Fall church campout will be this Friday evening through Sunday morning, 10/12 – 10/14 at the group campsite at East Fork Park at Lake Lavon. The reservation is under the name “Jackie Mahaffy.”

For camping, you can plan to arrive anytime after 4:30pm Friday afternoon. We need to be out of the campsite by 10am Sunday morning. We’re planning a community breakfast/brunch Saturday morning; families are on their own for other meals.

NOTE: Last time we checked, there is a burn ban, so no campfires are allowed; but charcoal fires are allowed in the grills located at the campsite. The campground includes swimming, a playground, horseshoe pits, and a sand volleyball court.

If you don’t want to camp overnight, please bring a picnic lunch and come out Friday evening or during the day on Saturday and join us!

Costs (per family):
Camping: $20/night
Saturday breakfast: $10
Day use (if not camping): $5

How should we worship?

As Christians, worship is something we should do frequently. But what exactly is worship? How should we worship? What is the purpose of worship?

On Sunday evenings, we gather in homes to for study and fellowship, and most recently we’ve been going through the book With Reverence and Awe: Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship (by D.G. Hart and John R. Muether). As we pick the study up again in September, we’re about to begin chapter 9 (The Means of Grace). It’s been a good study, as we’ve spent time looking at the basics of what worship is, why we worship, and how God commands us to worship. We need to remember what the purpose of the church is: its primary purpose is not numerical growth or great programs or to “Christianize” culture. Its purpose is to make disciples (per the Great Commission in Matthew 28). Worship is an important part of discipleship!

This book is helpful to give any Christian a fresh look at worship. Since we worship (at least) once a week on Sunday, worship is something that we can all too easily come to take for granted and worship can be a time when we’re just going through the motions. This book helps give you a renewed sense of why we worship, as Hart and Muether step us through the Biblical commands for worship and how and why we should perform each part of worship.

This is a book that has something for Christians from all walks of life: those new to the faith will gain an understanding of why we worship, and even mature Christians will gain a new appreciation for worship and be challenged to better participate in godly worship.