Welcome to Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church!

Serving Christ in the north/east area of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area

In this space on their web page, many churches will tell you about their amazing programs, their wonderful fellowship, their inviting environment, engaging worship services, and caring community.

At Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Faith OPC), our primary focus is on our Lord and Creator, and how our primary purpose as humans is to “glorify God and enjoy him forever.” At Faith OPC, you will find great fellowship and a loving, caring community of believers, but those are secondary to our primary purpose: to glorify and worship God as he himself has directed us to worship and glorify him. At Faith OPC, we’re serious about our Christianity. Instead of being man-focused, we strive to be God-focused. A right relationship with God is foundational for the rest of our lives.

If you’re looking for a church that is by no means perfect, but is diligently trying to serve and enjoy God as he has commanded, then we invite you to get to know more about us through this website, and join us in the worship of our Redeemer!



This church exists to glorify God.  Our ministry aims to faithfully instruct people to observe the Scriptures, for the Scriptures are the church’s only infallible rule for faith and living life.  At Faith OPC, your faith will be nurtured through expository preaching, meaningful fellowship, care and concern, and through an urgent and vital interest in reaching out to people by every means possible, in order to bring the good news of Christ to them where they are.


Here is the new app that allows you to facilitate your Tithes and Offerings online. This link will take you to a secure prompt where you can enter your payment details.

We do ask that you do not use a credit card to give as we do not want you to incur debt as a result. Give instead out of the abundance that God has blessed you with by using a debit card or bank transfer. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.